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Pinellas Park Trailer Sales by Hitch World

Pinellas Park Trailer Repair

Our experienced staff can service any type of trailer.

Boat trailer repair
Utility trailer repair
Industrial trailer repair
Trailer lighting and safety accessories
Electrical to welding work
Trailer Fabrication
Tire and wheel mounting and repair

Your Pinellas Trailer Store

Pinellas Park Trailer Sales

We sell all types of trailers in Pinellas Park

Recertified safe trailers
Utility trailers
Boat trailers
Horse Trailers
Gooseneck Trailers
Travel trailers
Dolly trailers

Pinellas Park Trailer sales by Hitch World

Trailers are not only useful, but in times of $3.50 to $4.00 per gallon you need to find a cheaper solution for your hauling needs. It may be time to start driving that small car with a custom trailer made by Hitch World. Not only do we carry custom trailers, but we refurbish trailers and pass the savings to you! However, that isn’t the only way Hitch World can save you money!

Are you hauling anything but not every day in your truck? If you answered yes, you should think about getting a trailer. When you do need to haul your load, you just hook up to your trailer. When you just need to go somewhere, you just unhook it. Not only will this technique save you money on gas, but it will also keep your the bed of your truck clean!

Have you had your current trailer checked out? If you answered no, you need to call Hitch World at 727-548-5700 NOW! Trailers that are not properly built or are broken cause a serious accident leading all the way to death. This is the unfortunate truth, but We are here to help remedy this. Not only do we offer trailer sales of trailers we personally check for safety issues, but we also do trailer service and repair.